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Introducing, Laser Launch Academy® 

Shorten your laser learning curve with the most comprehensive guide on how to successfully operate your CO2 laser.  

Laser Launch Academy® is the only online laser course of its kind that not only shows you how to operate your CO2 laser safely and efficiently, but will also empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to laser like a pro. 

Before I tell you about this incredible program, let us talk about who this course is really for…

You have invested in a CO2 laser because you are a hard worker with untapped talent and ambition. You are ready for something new and exciting that will allow you to unlock your hidden talents and potential.

Whether you are…
  • A corporate employee who wants to create their own business to keep building into retirement.
  • An entrepreneur looking to develop your own full time business.
  • A stay-at-home parent looking to have something of your own that adds an additional source of income for your family.

Laser Launch Academy™ Course Prerequisites

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of laser engraving and cutting. Before you invest in Laser Launch Academy®, you must fulfill the following prerequisites in order to get the most out of your course experience:

  • Install the newest version of LightBurn and connect it to your laser
  • Properly align your laser
  • Set up the exhaust system and chiller for your laser

By the end of this program,

you will…

  • Be proficient in CO2 “laser lingo” 

    No more feeling clueless because you do not understand terms like “air assist” or “y-slop”.

  • Nail down how to find the perfect settings 

    Properly dialing in the perfect settings takes time. I have developed tools and resources to make this process as smooth as possible. Module 3 is entirely dedicated to teaching you this proven process.
  • Understand how to get the most out of your laser 

    You are going to become comfortable with pushing your machine to its full capacity by learning how to manipulate your laser for optimal production. By the end of this course YOU will control your laser and it will not control you. 
  • Know what to look for

    Lasers require constant maintenance and care.  Knowing what to look for and how to troubleshoot will save hours of your life and keep you from making costly mistakes. 
  • Navigate through LightBurn 

    We spend A LOT of time learning to use the software. Not only will you learn how to design your own files within LightBurn, you will also learn to avoid time-consuming software mistakes and learn how to optimize your jobs
  • Laser like a pro

    This is a NO FLUFF course and I take your learning here VERY SERIOUSLY. By the end of this course, you will know how to maximize your machine, develop products with a professional eye, identify problems before they happen, and quickly get into production mode!  

Enrollment is currently closed!

Add your name to the waitlist to stay in the loop for updates on when next semester will be open for enrollment! 


I started my laser journey 2 years ago and quickly realized I wanted a larger and more versatile laser. Once I made that leap, I found myself intimidated by it’s size and having to learn a new, detailed software.  I was so excited when Emily announced that Laser Launch Academy was in development.  I had followed TMWAL on Facebook and YouTube from my beginning and absolutely knew the course would be remarkable.  Attending the inaugural LLA was amazing and a beneficial investment not only for my business, but in myself.  The course content and lessons took me from total laser detachment to being completely absorbed in learning everything it is capable of.  It felt like having a close friend by your side making it much easier.  Emily is so committed to providing encouragement, answers, and valuable tips throughout this course.  Her attention to detail and passion for your success will give you the confidence and knowledge to put your laser to work.  

Lisa B.

Laguna Laser

Coming from a smaller, hobbyist laser and having a programming background, we thought we could make the jump to a bigger laser that uses Lightburn. It was a bit intimidating, and we only used about 10% of what was possible with the program and our laser. We spent hours online looking at videos and tutorials, but every laser is different and there weren’t many resources to teach us how to use our specific laser. Emily put together a fantastic program to make using a laser not intimidating at all! She teaches you how things work and how to adapt them to your specific lasers such as power settings, speeds, and material types. In one of the later lessons, we learned how to fix a project we gave up on and ended up selling those items in a week, which completely paid for the course! You will not find a program anywhere that will teach you the ins and outs of your laser!

Michael F.

Aeon Nova

I have no previous laser experience and let me tell you, this course helped me tremendously! Emily shares everything she can and is truly invested in seeing everyone succeed! I chose the second tier and am so glad I did. The Facebook group and live video each week were a great way to get any questions answered I had after watching the modules. I was also able to interact with the community of laser friends which were doing the modules at the same time as me. This course helped me get a great jump start to my laser journey!! I’m so thankful for Emily and her dedication to her students! Her love for lasers and people really show.
Lynnsy K. 
Kenzies Corner Boutique
Thunder laser

I cannot wait for you to enroll in my first-ever online course!

If you are a new CO2 laser owner then you know what it feels like to become overwhelmed with both excitement and fear about operating your laser.  You are probably asking yourself, “How will I learn?”, “Did I make a mistake?”, “What if it becomes a giant paperweight?” 

Let's face it, operating a commercial grade CO2 laser for the first time can be intimidating. Unlike everyday tools, operating a CO2 laser means investing a lot of money, learning how to use software, and having to understand a whole new language of technical terms and jargon.  The amount of unknowns in the beginning means that the first-time laser operator has a ton of unanswered questions which usually leads to high anxiety paired with low knowledge, which is never a good combination! 

Whether you are paralyzed with fear or ready to hit the ground running, I am here to show you that learning to operate your laser like a pro is 100% doable. There is no need to waste materials or spend months and months learning how to get the most out of your machine. My goal is to accelerate your learning curve by empowering you with the knowledge you need to confidently operate and understand your CO2 laser.

See you in the course!

- Emily Caroline

The Laser Launch Academy®  Guarantee 

We are so confident in the quality of Laser Launch Academy that we back it up with a 7 day, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, contact us at [email protected].  We will send you a short questionnaire to be completed before a refund can be processed.  Once we receive the questionnaire, a refund will be issued to your original payment method. Your feedback is valuable to us!

The refund request window will expire the evening before Module 2 becomes available (exactly 7 days after course launch date) and you will no longer qualify for a refund. All refund requests must be sent prior to the release of Module 2, no later than seven days after the course release. 

Emily has been an amazing supporter every step along my laser journey. Starting with my anxious and nervous feelings even before deciding to purchase my laser, all the way through troubleshooting and even strategizing, she has been invaluable to my laser business. She is always very helpful, and is the definition of accessible. She is extremely knowledgeable and loves sharing all of her tips and tricks, all of which have helped me along this incredible journey. Thank you, Emily, for all of your help and support!

- Priscilla Gomez










I can’t even begin to explain how ABSOLUTELY AHHHH-MAZING this course is. I had my laser for over a month, too scared to do anything with it. I was completely overwhelmed on where to start until I saw this course was available.  Admittedly, I was nervous about the cost, but let me tell you what- MONEY WELL SPENT!!!! In all honesty,  she should be charging a lot more for all the help this course offers!!!  I know that I would still be staring at my laser without the guidance, tips, tricks, and everything in-between that I received.  Emily teaches you literally all you need to know to get going, there’s no guess work. I went from being frozen in fear to endless ideas that I now know how to execute.. All Thanks to the brilliant direction from Emily! I can’t thank her enough! Dont waste countless hours watching a million Youtube videos that only confuse you more, take the course, you will not regret it!!


Mira 9


That Mom with a Laser is beyond amazing! I found Emily several years ago when I decided that I had to have a laser. Emily and I had an immediate connection with so many similarities in our daily lives. With her background in education, she has exhibited these characteristics while building her name and brand. She is smart, patient, nurturing, caring and just down right adorable. She has truly been my guiding light when starting my laser journey. I will forever be grateful for her support and look forward to continuing to learn from her.

- Christy Cha











Enrollment is currently closed!

Add your name to the waitlist to stay in the loop for updates on when next semester will be open for enrollment! 


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